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Maria Puig, M.D. President of CaLMA

THE PRESIDENT OF CALMA Maria Puig MD   It is my desire to strengthen our association’s infrastructure and to firmly establish CaLMA as an organization of members, for members. Our mission is to improve health and promote the well-being of the Latino population in the state of California. What that means for CaLMA is that we must foster the development of programs that will contribute to the underserved population by aligning ourselves with other non-profit and corporations that mirror our goals as a Medical Association.     

WHAT YOU HAVE NOW..... Our Directors have established a tone for our direction: it is my sincere desire to strengthen our association’s infrastructure, firmly establishing us as an organization of members, for members. Running a non-profit requires creative thinking on a daily basis, and ensuring our financial stability is a prime initiative; however, we benefit from a glut of intellectual wealth, amongst the diversity of our members, that we have not tapped.  When the call comes for participation, please volunteer for a committee or provide content for the newsletter or webpage, intellectual or editorial. If you have ideas that will advance our cause, or information pertinent to our mission, let us know . . . our organization is only as strong as our membership. Finally, in this time of decreasing reimbursements and increasing expenses, I have to make the most difficult call of all – please pay your membership dues, and invite your colleagues to join. Your tax deductible donations help insure the viability of YOUR organization  

Non-Profit -Tax Exempt Status

CaLMA History

The California Latino Medical Association (CaLMA) was officially incorporated as a professional medical society in October 1998. The mission that Dr. Juan Villagomez, our first President, so valiantly championed for CaLMA was to strive, as an association of concerned physicians, to insure the provision of quality and culturally sensitive medical care to the largest under-served population in California.    Dr. Juan Villagomez worked tirelessly on his dream of forming CaLMA – an organization that would serve to bring California Latino physicians and their colleagues together, united in mission. Dr. Villagomez, who succumbed in October 1999 to an untimely illness, created from his dream a new medical association and a challenge to all California physicians to go forward to help realize the CaLMA’s mission.  CaLMA is an Active Tax Exempt 501(c)(3) Organization focusing on Humanitarian and Scholarship Assistance. Juan Villagomez MD Memorial Scholarship is one of many focuses awards provided over the years for Pre-Med, Medical, Nursing and Graduate Students seeking a vocation in Healthcare

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CaLMA Mission

The CaLMA Board of Directors strives to achieve its mission by:

1. Improve access to and delivery of quality and culturally responsible healthcare to the Latino communities of California
2. Increase enrollment of Latino students and participation of Latino faculty in institutions of higher learning in the healthcare professions
3. Provide guidance and support to resident physicians and medical students
4. Provide educational programs for health care professionals for the purpose of furthering the corporation’s purposes
5. Support Latino faculty development and health research
6. Engage in all activities which may be lawfully carried on by a nonprofit public benefit corporation


Vida CaLMA

Juan Villagomez M.D. Memorial Scholarship Fund


CaLMA is accepting funding and support for a Scholarship Foundation. Currently, Juan Villagomez M.D. Memorial Scholarship Fund is our funding entity and provides our yearly scholarship awards to the top academic and deserving medical students in California.  CaLMA Board of Directors seeking fundraising for the Juan Villagomez M.D. Memorial Scholarship Fund that can eventually evolve into a self sustaining foundation and prominent funding source for medical professionals seeking assistance in today’s costly but rewarding Health Care fields.    We are committed at CaLMA in one of our main missions to provide scholarships especially during these difficult economic times.  We welcome all individuals who share our commitment and purpose in developing well rounded medical professional to join our organization and support our fundraising efforts to develop a CaLMA Foundation.  

Scholarship Donations

Member Professionals


Professional Membership is a valuable association for those single and small group physicians groups to have a voice in this Dynamic Healthcare Landscape. CaLMA has been a voice for the independent groups seeking advocacy of our members and patients. Support for CaLMA established in 1998 will provide for a continued presence of the vital small group of vibrant professionals in California. 

CaLMA needs our Physician members to join our organization to provide support for our activities. Membership dues are $100 and will have access to voice you concerns and vote on CaLMA Issues. Membership provides Leadership opportunities, CME Discounts, and access to Social and Program events.

Membership Dues

Student Professionals


Students throughout California from High Schools, Colleges and Universities who seek Vocational Careers and Mentorship opportunities can Join CaLMA.  Scholarships is CaLMA's Primary Mission to foster our new Healthcare Providers with Monetary and Admission Support to make their dreams come true.

California Medical School Branches of LMSA, CHE and other Medical Based Student organizations can associate with CaLMA. 

Student Professionals who want membership should respond to the "Contact Us" Button Below 

Member Practice Sponsorship


  Medical Professionals with Solo and or Group can sponsor CaLMA with medical focus programs or scholarships.   

CaLMA encourages our members to be generous to continue our Mission via the sponsorship and membership dues. 


Professional Sponsorship is Only $250 and includes annual Membership dues of $100 but allows your Practice on our Member Page.


1) Directory Listing

2) Voting Rights on CaLMA issues

3) Leadership Position Elections

4) Serve on working Committees

5) Eligible for CME and other events

6) Discount on CaLMA Promotional Item

Practice Sponsorship Dues

Patient Members & Sponsorship


Our patients is the reason our hearts and minds lead to our love of our vocation to become Healthcare Professionals. 

Patient members and support is a valuable component of continuously educating ourselves for new and valuable medication and treatments to assist our patients medical needs. We strive to provide competent and loving care. 

Patients can assist CaLMA to help in monetary and community support in our services. 

Patient Members can join our Events and Educational programs and assist on Scholarships

Patients can also provide Scholarship support through CaLMA Family Memorials for LIFE, LOVE & MEMORIES. We accept adding family members who's in Fight for Life. Inquire below for more information. 

Patients who want membership and sponsorship support should respond to the "Contact Us" Button Below 


Corporate Member Sponsorship


 We value Corporate Sponsorships in various areas of our lives that promotes innovation,  scientific advances and medical humanitarianism. We rely on the minds of our scientists to provide us the new medicines and cures of diseases to facilitate the Art of Medicine for our Physicians, Nurses and Healthcare providers to improve our patients lives.

Generous Donation from Blue Cross of California and CaLMA Hispanic Nursing Scholarship program is an idea partnership to provide us our Humanity at CaLMA. This Nursing Scholarship was established with a generous grant from the Blue Cross of California Foundation for a million dollars over 2004-2008 .  The million dollar grant established a program that provides thousands of dollars to Hispanic meritorious nursing students.  

Initial Humanitarian Dues: $1,000

Team Member Dues: $5,000

Mission Member Dues: $25,000

Corporate Sponsorship Dues

Practice Sponsorships


Primary Skin Care


Member: Lou Acosta MD

Urgent Care Director & Physician 

SilverLake Medical Center

Practice: Primary Skin Care and Aesthetics

Laser Services

City: Los Angeles


Family Care Specialist MG


Member: Hector Flores MD

Family Medicine Physician


Practice: Family Care Specialist Medical Group

Multi Location Medical Practice

City: Los Angeles, Montebello, Highland Park, Boyle Heights


Montes Medical Group


Member: Juan Montes MD

Internal Medicine Physician



Practice:  Montes Medical Group

Multi Location Medical Practice

City: Los Angeles, Inglewood, Norwalk, Whittier




Sana Medical Group


Member: Jose Villagomez MD

Emergency Physician

Practice: Sana Medical Group

General Practice 

City: Culver City





Jose Cervantes MD Y Elizabeth PharmD

American Board of Emergency Medicine  and Pharmacist 

City: Manhattan Beach

Melvin Stone, Jr. MD

Director, Surgical Intensive Care Unit at Jacobi Medical Center, Department of Surgery Associate Professor, Department of Surgery  Site Director for the Surgery Clerkship at Jacobi Medical Center, Department of SurgeryAssociate Director, Trauma Services & Surgical Critical Care at Jacobi Medical Center, Department of SurgerySenior Academic Advisor to the Office of Diversity Enhancement 

Health Care Sponsorships


Home Healthcare Dynasty

Knowledgeable Clinicians at Home Health Care Dynasty
We are operated by experienced health care professionals who strive to provide the highest quality of home care in a respectful and caring manner. 

Gregory Doty - Director Community Development




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Corporate Partners


Blue Cross


CaLMA Nursing Scholarship Grant

Year: 2004-2008

Value: $1,000,000












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